Expert Engineering 

We have made significant contributions to the Navy by providing analysis, engineering, software development, logistics, administrative, and project management support for major customer initiatives. GreenXT is committed to providing high-quality engineering, technical and programmatic support services while simultaneously implementing cost-saving strategies.

Project Management


Manage large-scale information systems projects for Government and Commercial Clients




Implement security controls on complex information management systems

Software Engineering


Plan and execute testing phases for hardware, software, and complex systems




Design optimized computer information system architectures 

OUR Capabilities 

Navy Combatants Support

GreenXT engineers and software developers help the U.S. Navy to design and build engineering controls systems and computer-based training for surface combatant ships. GreenXT technicians provide daily fleet support to U.S. Navy ships and help develop weekly condition assessment reports.

System Engineering
Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) Engineering
Cyber Security
Shipboard HAZMAT Control and Management (HMC&M)
Technical & Project Management
Environmental Engineering